img_1727-1The ball is off and rolling for the Pattonville bowling club as of Sunday, Oct. 2, when Pattonville had its first bowling game of the year. The Pirates have three teams: Pattonville Green, Pattonville White, and Pattonville Black.

Green won all three games as a team and earned 32.5 points out of 35 points against McCluer.

Lauren Fisher: 170-160-232

Brandon Wheeler: 187-192-153

Joey Scherer: 151-160-119

Julius Erby: 181-269-153

Fisher, with her 232 game, scored 78 pins over average, Joey Scherer recored 55 pins over his average scoring a 160 game, and Julius Erby, with his 269 game, scored 99 pins over average, and ended the day with a 603 series.

White won one out of three games and earned 11 points out of 35 points against Hazelwood East. 

Brenden Reynolds: 78-126-103

Nate O’Connell: 95-220-173

Nico Snider (Ritenour): 165-181-147

O’Connell had 79 pins over his average with a 220 game.

Pattonville Black won all three of its game since they bowling against a Blind team. 

Steven Patnaude: 70-60-97

Becca Johnston: 95-81-66

Adam Usry: 121-108-110

Max Condon:65-78-91

Trent Mulloy: 115-111-132


There is still time to join the bowling club. Interested students should go to King Pin Bowling Alley on Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. for more information.

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