The third round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament begins today, with a slate of eight games scheduled to take place. With plenty of early upsets (Duke, Cincinatti, Oklahoma), there is still margin for success and error in all contestants’ brackets. As of now, these are the current standings for Pattonville students taking place in the tournament:

Tim Vleisides- 250

Jaylen Henderson- 240

Ryan Stringer- 210

Brady Bell- 240

Luke Cwiklowski- 220

Kyle Rhodes- 210

Michael Jacobson- 240

Carter Yarnell- 190

Jake Stroker- 240

Will Chaney- 120

And the leader so far is me (Joey Schneider) with 260 points. I promise I’m scoring accurately guys!

Each win was worth ten points for the second round, and the point value will double as we move on to a new round. The champion of this tournament will win a basketball-themed prize.

Check back on this page throughout the week for more updates. Good luck to all participants!

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