Cave Springs Lanes

Cave Springs Lanes

On Sunday Nov. 6, the Pattonville bowling team had a tournament at Cave Springs Lanes. This tournament was a team event which is scored with all five bowlers’ scores combined plus their handicap to create a game total.

Four schools attended the tournament but final results were not readily available.

Pattonville Green was made up of Lauren Fisher, Brandon Wheeler, Joseph Scherer, Rafael Crumpton, and Julius Erby.

  • 1st game:1192
  • 2nd game:1167
  • 3rd game:1255

“I was ready for this tournament, and although I was a bit nervous I prayed that I didn’t screw up,” Lauren Fisher said. “I took my time and adjusted to what needed to be done.”

The Pattonville White team was formed by Brenden Reynolds, Nyles Carter (Hazelwood), Nathaniel O’Connel, Justin Kennedy, and Garrett Grimes (Ritenour).

  • 1st game:1158
  • 2nd game:1196
  • 3rd game:1079

“I was nervous because it is my first year bowling, and it was my first tournament,” Nathaniel O’Connel said. “I was confident in myself and I hoped I would do well.”

The Pattonville Black team had Steven Patnaude, Rebecca Johnston, Adam Usry, Max Condon, and Trent Mulloy make up its roster.

  • 1st game:1168
  • 2nd game:1143
  • 3rd game:1135

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