Students in grades 10-12 are able to take the Personal Finance exam this spring to test out of having to enroll in the required semester-long class.

Based on Missouri standards, the test is being offered free of charge this year, but seats for the Wednesday, March 16, test are limited. The deadline to register is March 9 or until all seats are filled.

High school counselor Anetra Chapman said not having to take the class is beneficial to many students.

“For a lot of students, particularly students that are taking a lot of AP or Honors classes, they sometimes may double up on classes like math and science,” Chapman said. “They find out that come senior year, they run out of space or are limited to the amount of electives they can still take, so for that reason, some students opt to take the Personal Finance test in place of giving up another elective that they would like to take during the course of the school year.”

The test is offered twice a year, once in the fall and also once in the spring.

“Our next test is March 16,” Chapman said. “Typically we try to get the message out to students about 2 months in advance.”

Testing out of the course is not a simple task.

“The test is not an easy test,” Chapman said. “But we try to give students plenty of time to prepare.”

For students that want to prepare for the Personal Finance test, they can pick up study materials from Ms. Holly Martinez in B206.

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