Pattonville’s Minority Achievement Club hosted the MAC Basketball Game on April 24 which was a tournament competition between all classes. The seniors took top honors in the tournament defeating the juniors by 30 points in the championship game. Club sponsor Vialettice Cobb said it was a nice turnout.

“Our MAC program has not had a lot of success this year as far as the events goes like the talent show; however, this basketball game was a huge make-up for the missed events,” Cobb said. “Students got to hang out with their friends, watch and cheer on their friends play in the game, and just have a really good time.”

The tournament had four games which started with the freshmen against the juniors and had the Class of 2015 taking the victory, although the freshmen kept the game close. Game 2 was the sophomores facing the seniors and the top class took home the win. Game 3 matched the freshmen up against the sophomores and the third place honors was won by the sophomores.

For freshman Destan Williams, this was the one day he could really hang out with his friends and have fun.

These Pattonville students who were involved in the basketball game wanted to have fun and that is what happened.

“I really enjoy playing basketball and I’m glad I got to do what I like to do,” junior Jordan Perry said. “I’m glad my friends got involved with me too.”

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