Last Friday, Pattonville varsity football played Ritenour High School. The Huskies (7-1) have been a major rival of the Pirates for many years. In the 27-21 loss against the Huskies, Pattonville (3-5) also lost senior slot receiver Calvin Smith who was ejected and forced to leave the game. He is suspended from this week’s game against the Parkway North Vikings (6-2).

“The game was already getting a little rough and I believe the refs did it to de-escalate the situation,” Calvin Smith said. “I think they had to eject someone and I was just caught in the middle.”

There was an altercation on the field in the third quarter of the game. Players from both teams were huddled on the field and appeared to be arguing and pushing each other. Calvin Smith attempted to break the players up and the referees called a penalty after he entered the field. The unsportsmanlike penalty came with an automatic ejection from the game. The Pirates will have to replace Smith’s position with a new player for the Oct. 14 game.

Smith pictured running the ball down the field

Calvin Smith runs the ball down the field against the Eureka Wildcats on Sept. 2.

“It’s always a negative when a starter goes down but I feel like we can bounce back and the guys can get the job done,” Calvin Smith said.

Football coach and teacher Mr. Steve Smith also gave his opinion on the issue.

“There was a scuffle on the field with their players and our players pushing and shoving,” Steve Smith said. “When the kids start pulling or pushing each other away, whether it’s pushing our team back or pushing the other team back, all the refs are going to see is the pushing. So when they see that, they see the people that were in the middle. I do not think that the refs made the wrong call, but none of this would have happened if there was no pushing in the first place. He could have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Coach Steve Smith also said that there should be no difference with Calvin Smith not playing in Friday’s game.

“It’s just like any other team sport,” Steve Smith said. “You want to have 100 percent participation from all of your guys. But when someone goes down whether it’s an injury or whether it’s a suspension like this will be, the next man who plays Calvin’s position has to step up.”

The game on Friday, Oct. 14, will be at 7 p.m. at Parkway North High School. The theme of the game is Pink Out for Breast Cancer awareness month.

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