Stendeback helping one of her students read a thermometer.

Ms. Stendeback helps one of her students read a thermometer.

Anjie Stendeback is the Certified Nursing Assistant teacher at Pattonville High School and not only does she have a passion for health sciences, she loves to run, listen to music, and watch movies – Academy nominated movies, that is.

Stendeback has two children (4 months and 2 years old) and besides being a mother, Stendeback is aspiring to become a family nurse practitioner.

“I am currently working at Pattonville High School and will be beginning clinicals for my masters in the spring at a clinic and a hospital.”

The class at Pattonville is set up like a nursing home and students take temperatures on a simulated person. This is preparing them for real-life clinicals which will reward them with a certified nursing assistant license.

She said this is quite a task for her and her workload does become overwhelming somedays. Although her workload is quite heavy, she still manages to get the job done.

“I balance school, work and family by setting priorities each week based on needs.”

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