Pattonville Student Council will be starting its second year of the Young Athletes program on Wednesday, Oct. 5 partnered with Special Olympics.

The Young Athletes program takes place at the high school in the athletics center right outside of the F-wing from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Young Athletes encourages students with special needs who aren’t old enough to participate in Special Olympics to come for an hour and have a good time with other kids their age and to get some exercise as well as getting to build their social skills.

Student Council members get partnered up with a child anywhere from age 3 to 7. They open up every night with a game of Simon Says, then play fun games like bowling or compete in obstacle courses.

Finally, they play with a parachute and sing the Young Athletes song to conclude the evening. There are anywhere from six to 12 kids that attend every night.

Junior Orlando Williams is involved in the group as a volunteer.

“Young Athletes is the highlight of my week and without fail always makes my day,” he said.

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