pumpkinHalloween is a holiday based around scaring people and getting candy. It has evolved from its original Celtic form of dressing up to ward off ghosts to wearing costumes and going door-to-door in order to receive candy.

St. Louis trick-or-treaters have to do a little extra for their candy though; they have to tell a joke.

Nobody is quite sure how this tradition started, but almost every child spends hours rehearsing the perfect joke. These one-liners range from being funny to sarcastic or from ghosts to zombies.

Teachers and students of Pattonville tell some of their favorites:

Ms. Erin Mulanax, science teacher

“What kind of lip balm do you give to a vampire?”


Sam Dwyer, junior 

“What is a skeleton’s favorite instrument?”

“A trom-BONE”

Ms. Sue Mathis, math teacher

“What do you get when you divide the circumference of a Jack-o-Lantern by the diameter of a Jack-o-Lantern?”

“Pumpkin Pi”

Drew, play school student, age 3

“Why didn’t the vampire attack Taylor Swift?”

“Because she had bad blood.”


No matter how young or old someone is, a good Halloween joke is a must have during this haunting season.

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