The high school prom will be May 6 at the Sheraton in Westport Plaza, and with the dance rapidly approaching, several students have begun promposing to others in hope to secure a date for the night.

One of those students is junior Jacob Reese, who asked junior Rene Greenwell a few weeks back.

“I got Officer Storer to tell her that somebody hit her car in the parking lot,” Reese said. “When she got out there, I was there and ‘PROM?’ was written out on her back windshield.”

Greenwell accepted.

Another promposal was done by junior Max Spitzmiller who asked senior Rachel Schamber.

“It was around Easter time, so I put eggs in an Easter basket,” Spitzmiller said. “I told her that I had a science project to do and when I got there, I told her that I had an ‘eggcellent’ idea.”

Spitzmiller had arranged plastic eggs in the basket to spell out the word prom. Schamber said yes.

Ticket sales will be during the weeks of April 18-22 and April 25-29 during all lunch sessions. Prom guest permission forms are available for pick-up in the activities office until April 22. If a student plans to bring a guest from another school to prom, this form is required. Prom is limited to juniors and seniors (unless the freshman or sophomore is asked) and students are required to have a 90 percent attendance rate and have all fines paid.

With all the promposals going around lately, it only seemed fitting to add another one to the list…




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