Students logged into their PowerSchool accounts to register for classes on Jan. 31.

Every student takes classes. Every student has a schedule. Every student needs a plan for the future.

Stop Day on Jan. 31 was designed to allow students time to pick their classes when creating their next year’s schedule. Seniors are exempted from this because they will be graduating in May.

Juniors scheduled for their final year of classes. Junior Gregory Bahr said he considered classes that will look good on a college resume while also trying to take courses that he will enjoy.

“I take computer science classes because I enjoy taking computer science,” Bahr said. “Additionally, I want to go to college for computer science so that’s why I take things like AP Physics and AP Calc. I need calculus to go to college and to get into a better college.”

This year, the Stop Day schedule was a little different from year’s past. Before, Stop Day has only been one day. This year, it was split up into two days.

On Jan. 17, teachers ‘stopped’ teaching for a few minutes to tell students about different classes offered in their department. This allowed extra time for students to consider what they would like to enroll in on Jan. 31.

“We divided it over two days this year primarily based on teacher request,” Community Service and A+ Coordinator Ms. Rebecca Krohn said. “Teachers would have the opportunity to discuss the classes in their department with students prior to students actually choosing their classes. It gave students and teachers a little more time to talk about the classes that are available.”

Over the next few weeks, students will be taken out of their history classes to meet with their counselors. With their counselors, students will be able to ask any questions or concerns about their new schedule.

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