Students left carnations at Cory Fisk’s locker on Tuesday, a day after he passed away. Students also signed papers writing about memories that they shared with him.

The International Club passed out carnations on Valentine’s Day and when club sponsor Ms. Katherine Korte noticed the flowers that were dedicated to junior Cory Fisk, she didn’t want to leave them undelivered.

“I guess my thought process was a handful of students really wanted to express themselves and bought flowers to send to Cory and not knowing where to send them, I thought I should put them in front of his locker as an expression of condolences and sympathy,” Korte said.

Fisk passed away on Feb. 13 after injuries he sustained in a motorcycle accident on Feb. 5

The school held a moment of silence during 4th hour on Tuesday, Feb. 14

There will be a candle lighting vigil on Wednesday, Feb. 15, held at Holy Spirit in Fisk’s memory at 7 p.m.

After seeing the flowers at the front of his locker, Ms. Stephanie Heyman had the idea to hang papers on Fisk’s locker for students to write on with a memory or a small note to Fisk.

“A lot of people are thinking of Cory right now and the locker sign is a nice way for people to communicate what they are thinking and feeling,” Heyman said. “We will be sending the papers to his family so that all of their positive memories will be shared.”

By the end of the day, the four papers put up for students to sign were filled, and more papers were added continuously.

Students shared their thoughts and feelings:

“I wrote on his paper because me and Cory would always talk about our problems and help each other out often,” junior Emily Ta said.

“I didn’t know him too well, but when I hung out with him during camp last year, he was so nice and great with kids,” senior Lindsey Rossel said. “We were both camp counselors at 5th Grade Camp and we didn’t spend too much time together, but we did the obstacle courses together and he was a great leader.”

“I wasn’t best friends with him but I was pretty good friends with him, and I would always see him and Tim together especially on my way to class, they’d always be by AV with that whole group of friends,” senior Madeline Burmester said. “It’s just going to be so weird now.”

A close friend of his, senior Karlie Wright, took a moment during her third hour to stop by his locker. “I’m so proud of him for fighting as long as he did and the world is never going to be quite the same without his big heart and smile.”


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