After walking out of the high school for the last time this year, students don’t have to worry about homework, tests or problems with the Moodle. Summer break has started and it comes with the promise of sweet ice cream, pool parties, and hot days. Here are some students who are more than excited for summer and what they have planned for it.

Kayla Beck (10): I’m going to work at Lil’ Mickey’s Memphis Barbeque as a cashier. Also, I’m planning on going to a Fifth Harmony concert. I’m really excited. They’re my favorite.

Henry Bodde (11): I plan of working as a lifeguard at the Bridgeton pool, hang out with my friends, and go on vacation to the lake with my family.

Brock Beins (10): I’m going to pharmacy camp during the summer. I get to go to the hospital to watch and learn what pharmacists do every day.

Matt Anderson (12): I’m going to Florida to visit the beach. I’m really excited because it’s really warm and sunny and I don’t have to do anything while I’m hanging out at the beach.

Abigail Schnable (11): I’m making a bucket list with my best friend, Haley Reynolds (10). We plan to go on a road trip and have a lot of fun.

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