The Super Bowl will be a battle between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers on Sunday, Feb. 7, in San Francisco. Kyle Rhodes went around the school asking students questions about football and the Big Game.

How do you feel about the Rams leaving?

  • Danny Johnson: “I hate Stan Kroenke.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “Kroenke is an [explicit]. He only cares about money and they’re not gonna get more money in L.A. because they still suck. And they won a Super Bowl here with more fans.”
  • Anthony Green: “It definitely upset me a lot because growing up, my family was big Rams fans and so that’s been my hometown team.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “I don’t care. They’ve sucked for the past 15 years.”

Who will you root for now that the Rams are gone?

  • Danny Johnson: “Denver because their defense is amazing. Von Miller is my favorite player and Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback of all time.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “The Colts. Not Kansas City because I hate them.”
  • Anthony Green: “I hate to seem like a bandwagon fan but I watched Cam [Newton] all throughout his college career so probably the Panthers but more so Cam Newton.”
  • Austin Huls: “Probably nobody. Just stick with college.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “I’m definitely gonna root for the Carolina Panthers because Cam Newton puts in work and I’ve always liked his work ethic.”
  • Niya Danfort: “The Giants because of Odell Beckham Jr.”

Do you watch the Super Bowl for the game or the commercials?

  • Danny Johnson: “The game because it’s the most important football game of the year.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “The game. I actually like football.”
  • Anthony Green: “The game.”
  • Austin Huls: “The game because I love football, it’s fun to watch.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “Definitely watch it for the game because sports is the best thing in the world.”
  • Niya Danfort: “The game.”

What’s your favorite commercial?

  • Lindsay Fink: “The Budweiser ones because I like the dogs and Clydesdales, they’re so cute.”
  • Anthony Green: “Probably the Dorito’s commercials.”
  • Austin Huls: “The M&M one where he strips.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “I look for the Dorito’s ones. They’re pretty funny for the most part.”

Do you do anything special on Super Bowl Sunday?

  • Danny Johnson: “I go to a Super Bowl party with my friends.”
  • Lindsay Fink: “I go to my friend’s house and we all watch it there and eat.”
  • Anthony Green: “The past couple years it’s been all family but I think this year I’ll probably end up going to a friends get-together.”
  • Austin Huls: “Yeah, one of my friends has a party every year that I go to.”
  • Brendan Anderson: “We go to a party and we can’t go to school the next day because we’re too tired from staying up so late.”
  • Niya Danfort: “I invite friends over to watch it.”

Will you be rooting for anyone in the Super Bowl?

  • Danny Johnson: “Obviously the Denver Broncos.”
  • Anthony Green: “Cam Newton and the Panthers of course.
  • Niya Danfort: “No not really, I don’t care.”

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