Maria Serra and Brittany Bell show off their new shirts. It has “Drop The Base” written on the front of the titrated pink shirts.

Many students on Monday were seen wearing their new titrated pink T-shirts representing the Battle of the Burets Club. This club was founded this year by chemistry teacher Ms. Kathy Shearrer.

Members will not only meet twice a month, but they will practice their titrating skills. The shirts are titrated pink because of the color the chemicals turn when they are mixed to the perfect proportion.

“I created the idea of this club with a few students from my chemistry class last year who were interested in participating in the Battle of the Burets competition during second semester,” Shearrer said. “I will take two teams consisting of two students in order to compete, and another two students for back up.”

Shearrer has participated in this competition before, but hasn’t gone for the past few years. With many of her students showing interest in chemistry outside of school, she decided to go again.

“Students that are part of the club will practice titrating during meetings,” she said. “Then, during the beginning of second semester, I will have tryouts for the team that can titrate the quickest and they will be able to go to the competition.”

Since this is a new club many students, especially those that didn’t have Shearrer, were unaware of its formation, but want to get involved in it.

“There is no application or official requirements, but I would recommend that you’ve already taken chemistry so that you know how to calculate and titrate. I can’t stress enough though that only six students will be taken to the final competition, so not everyone in the club will be able to go.”

If any student is interested in joining the about 20 current members, talk to Shearrer and she can answer any additional questions or sign you up.

“I am so excited to have this club and would love to get as many people involved as possible.”

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