5th graders are sitting by the lake learning something new. Photo: Courtesy of Rene Greenwell

During camp, 5th graders sit by the lake with their counselors to learn something new. Photo courtesy of Rene Greenwell

Over the next two weeks, high school students will be volunteering to be counselors at 5th grade camp. Students will be leaving on Wednesday and returning on Friday after school.  The first week of camp is April 13-15 and the second week is April 20-22.

Pirate Press reporter Sarah Ponder asked some students who are going what they are expecting from camp:

Liza Gusleva: “I think it will be lots of fun and relaxing to get out of school for three days.”

Blake Klenke: “I think it will be fun. I think it will be stressful dealing with 20 kids at a time, but I’ll make it through. I think I’m going to have fun and make sure the kids have fun. I’ll like not being at school for three days.”

Chris Gawat: “I don’t want to be by myself. Last year, Hasib was with me and he fought off all the bugs in the cabin. I think I’m capable of handling a lot of kids by myself but if they get out of hand, like some of them last year, Hasib and I had to talk to them and counsel them. I’m expecting them to be behaved and to have nothing to worry about.”

Matt Morlen: “I’m expecting a good experience with the kids and to learn some good leadership skills.”

Eleanor Gershman: “I’m afraid the kids aren’t going to like me, but with the field I’m going into, I want to work with kids. I don’t like nature, but I kept wanting to do this the past couple of years but I wasn’t able to so it will be fun.”

Haley Raferty: “I’m expecting three days of so much fun out in the woods. But I’m afraid the kids are going to get lost. I’m excited for the adventure.”

Ethan Holtgrieve: “I’m hoping to not have kids that are crazy and hope to keep them in control. I hope to have fun.”

Joshua Holtgrieve: “I’m expecting to have a good time. It’s fun to get out of school for a few days. I’m also expecting it to be kind of a challenge to deal with 11 to 12 kids by myself. Hopefully I’ll be a good leader and keep them under control. I’m also expecting to look back on this as a good learning experience and a good experience as a whole.”

Rachel Polster: “It’s going to be a lot of fun and the weather is going to be good. I’m excited to meet the kids and see all of my old teachers. I’m only scared because I hate bugs so that’s my only issue.”

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