IMG_8688Groups signed up to form teams for the inaugural Teacher-Student Trivia Night to benefit Special Olympics on Friday, April 7.

Student Council organized the event and said they raised about $900 for Special Olympics. After all the questions were answered, Mr. Newton and the Social Studies team finished in first place.

Members of the girls’ and boys’ golf teams joined together to make a team with coach Mr. David Gross as the sponsor of their group.

“We had our group and Mr. Gross was our teacher, but the boys had a golf match that day, so he missed the first two rounds,” junior Madeline Yarnell said.

Luckily, one of the first two categories consisted of logos, and Yarnell said that the team didn’t lose too much while their teacher was out.

IMG_8652“We also did a Disney category and surprisingly we did really bad on Disney, so Mr. Gross was really embarrassed for us,” Yarnell said. “He came in during the middle of a general knowledge section and was giving us all the answers and that was really fun.”

Senior Isabelle Garcia-Blackwell was also a part of Yarnell’s trivia group.

“I had a lot of fun at trivia, I would definitely participate again if I weren’t graduating,” Garcia-Blackwell said. “We absolutely killed the logos.”

She appreciated the fiesta theme of the night and took the time to participate in it as well.

“I loved the fiesta theme,” Garcia-Blackwell said. “I just brought a huge bag of Mexican stuff since I’m half-Mexican.”

By the end of the event, the Social Studies group won and will receive a prize for their win.

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