Without hesitation, the over-the-top teacher said, that his mother and father were his greatest influences as a child.

“My mom and dad were very nice, kind people,” Shaun Patrick said, “They taught me to try and always be nice and kind to others.”

Patrick did not have to think twice when he said that it was because of his parents that he became a teacher.

“Both my parents were teachers,” Patrick said with a big smile, “It was because of them that I became a teacher.”

Patrick has now been teaching for four years. Patrick teaches Psychology, AP Psychology, Sociology, Honors Themes American History and Themes in American History.

Patrick has taught nowhere else besides PHS. Patrick attended Greenville High School in Illinois and Eastern Illinois University.

If students want to become a teacher, Patrick encourages them to talk to their teachers now and specify early on what subject and what grade level they want to teach.

Patrick said, “Experience is essential. You also need a passion for teaching, or you won’t be happy.”






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