One of the most important months of the upcoming fall season is November; the month of the Harvest. Many would consider the biggest day in November to be Thanksgiving, one of the most exciting holidays of American tradition, but often forget about the significant change that occurs during the beginning of the month.

Every first Sunday in November marks the day that the national clock is set back an hour in accordance to the change in daylight hours.

We interviewed sophomore chemistry teacher Christian Dornhoefer about the background of Daylight Savings Time and what significance it holds for us as a nation.

“Well I’m not sure but I’m thinking it had to do with Benjamin Franklin; I’m pretty sure he had the idea to get it started. I think the purpose of it was to be more efficient with the daylight.”

Dornhoefer went further to explain its importance to the economy in early 1900s. Other countries such as Germany and Austria-Hungary first began the practice in the early 1900s and the United States had it’s official Daylights Savings Time shortly after in 1918, even though proposed during the mid-1700s.

“You could produce more things as an economy if you had more daylight, at least back in the old days when they couldn’t produce as much with electricity.”

Daylight Savings not only occurs in the Fall time where we “fall back” and hour of time, but also in the Spring, when we “Spring forward” an hour of time in March.

Daylight Savings was more important back then due to the lack of advancement in regards to cropping, harvest and other economic variables.

When asked about Daylight Savings and it’s relevance to today’s economy, Dornhoefer admitted he honestly don’t know if it’s as important now.

“I mean, it’s because we can circumvent not having as much daylight with electricity and other things but I guess it’s more productive as a society and economically.”

Dornhoefer said he had no further facts or opinions on Daylights Savings Time but wanted to offer an inspirational quote to close off his interview.

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

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