PowerballThe jackpot for Wednesday’s Powerball drawing is now over $1.5 billion. Sam Wright went around the school and asked people what they would do if they won the jackpot:

Megan Morris: “I already promised my math class that I would pay for their college tuition through graduate school.”

Natalie Siegel: “I would buy a plane and travel the world.”

Leeann Graff: “I would pay for my college tuition.”

Lindsay Fink: “I would buy a llama.”

Kristin Barringhaus: “I would donate to charity after I paid for my college tuition.”

Dominick Gillette: “I’ll flip the cash and make more money. I would make my own brand too.”

Madeline Gamache: “I would go on a lifetime vacation.”

Maxwell Spitzmiller: “I’d drop out and own a professional sports team.”

Matthew Anderson: “I would go to college with my entire tuition paid for and move somewhere warm afterward.”

Ellisa Hanne: “I would take my family and friends to California and buy a mansion in Hollywood Hills.”

Morgan Stubblefield: “I would go on a shopping spree and then put the rest into savings.”

Candace Adams: “I would go move across the world and never come back.”

Jerica Taylor: “I would first finish school and then travel the world and learn about different countries.”

Megan Kendrick: “I would travel until all of my money ran out.”

Sarah Gordon: “I would give all my friends a million dollars.”

Kayla Berry: “I would buy an island because I would have to move otherwise. Everyone would mooch.”

Megan Volz: “I would buy a new sick ride.”

Amanda Faust: “I would tell all my friends not to worry about paying for college anymore.”

Abbegail Himmelmann: “I would leave St. Louis.”

Sarah Ponder: “I would travel super far away.”

Abigail Schrumpf: “I’d probably have multiple houses.”

Brittany Bell: “I would go to every Olympics ever.”

Rebecca Cook: “I’d give my parents some, buy Breckenridge, Colorado, and own and run a ski resort.”

Rachel Polster: “I’d go to college, buy a private island, and create my own country.”

Megan McGinty: “I would pay for college and then probably buy a college. Then, I’d buy a private jet.”

Jordan Tucker: “I would pay for college, buy a gold-studded Range Rover, get plastic surgery, and a puppy.”

Madeline Miller: “I would buy a really big creepy house on the beach so all the children would be too scared to come in.”

Morgan Garner: “I would go to college and donate the rest to Syria.”


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