Making Waves in the Record Books


Pirate Swimmers and coaches after breaking the 1983 record for the 200 Medley Relay.

Abbey Prinzi, Contributing Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 21, the PHS boys’ swimming team accomplished yet another feat in their season. This season, the boys have had Chaska Cox-Potter, Phillip Tso, and Wyatt Martin all qualify for state. All three boys and Christopher Tobar competed in the 200 Medley Relay in Saturday’s meet. Completing this event, the boys not only qualified for state, but they also broke a  school record that has been standing since 1983.

In addition, senior Philip Tso competed in the 100 Backstroke, breaking the school record that was set in 1990.  Tso has been working hard this year, and it shows in his accomplishments. Tso qualified for the 100 meter fly and the 200 meter medley relay along with three of his teammates. This season for Tso has been challenging, but he is also pleased that his hard work is paying off. Tso says, “It’s a weight lifted off my shoulders to know that I will be going [to state].” The boys’ swimming and diving team hopes to continue to just be the best that they can and have fun while doing it.