Love At First Bite Thriving During the Pandemic


Jason Dickerson, Jr.

Love at First Bite at 10479 Ashby Road celebrates its second year in business. Chef Jason has adjusted the menu over the pandemic so that the business could continue to thrive.

Jason Dickerson, Staff Writer

On the corner of Ashby and St. Charles Rock Road stands Love At First Bite, a black-owned business in St. Ann. Chef Jason Lamont serves unique foods that are exclusive to Love at First Bite, French Soul Food.

Like the famous Spinning Chicken Sandwich. Chef Jason chose these unique names from sitting and thinking from his heart. He came up with the food ideas by sitting and taking time out of the day to just think and create these amazing name.

Love At First Bite is located on the corner of Ashby on 10479 St Charles Rock Rd, 63074. The location was chosen because it would catch everyone’s eye who comes down St Charles Rock Road.

Chef Jason words “opening up a restaurant in a pandemic was difficult but nothing in life comes easy”. Chef said that he is not competition with anyone, but is only trying to show the world how amazing and how much love he adds to his talent.

The owners maintain their life on top of running a restaurant by having a hardworking and loving family. The business has eight adult employees as well as three PHS student employees, who only work 2-3 hours a day.

Chef Jason works 12-14 hours daily. ” If you want to be good at something do it yourself, if you want to be great do it with your family.”

Still, he cautions, “Never burn the candle at both ends.”