North Tech Uses Classroom to Train Future Workers


Hayden Foust

A skid steer from the construction class. This piece of equipment can break concrete. Students learn how to use them at North Tech.

Hayden Foust, Staff Writer

While some students are using high school as a stepping stone for college, others are using it for learning a career. At North Tech students can go into different programs for what job they want to go into after high school.

Some of the programs are the construction program COT which consists of welding, carpentry, HVAC, and electrical. There are also firefighter and police programs, as well as programs for people to work on computers.

For some people college isn’t just for them. They go to a job that doesn’t require them to have some sort of degree. The problem is that some students don’t know about North Tech because schools tend to push students toward college instead of careers.

Students have to have some requirements in order to get into North Tech.  According to Ms. Wills, a Pattonville counselor, the requirements for Tech vary. “Depends on the program, overall requirements for grades and attendance and certain programs want you to have taken some classes already, but the most important thing are grades and attendance. They are loverly because they will tell a kid when they can or can’t take them,” Ms. Wills said.

For those wanting to get to work right away and learn a specialized program, North Tech can help get them on their way.