The Best Time of the Year: NFL-wise


KJ Morgan

Kj’s prediction for the NFL Playoffs.

KyJuan Morgan, Staff Writer

The NFL playoffs is always fun, because there are upsets that might happen if a team doesn’t bring the intensity. There are a few teams right now who has been making some noise. Here are some teams that could take it all.

From the AFC side you have the Bills, Chiefs, Raiders, Ravens, Bengals and Titans. The AFC has not been as competitive as the NFC this year, the NFC has talent everywhere and almost anyone can take it all from this division. Some teams to look out for in the NFC are the Cowboys, Rams, Cardinals, Packers, Panthers and the defending Super Bowl Champs, the Bucs.

Going into the playoffs the Packers will probably have the most experience and being led by the vet Aaron Rogers. Green Bay also has 45 guys on the team with playoff experience. Now if we are talking hype, that’s debatable because the Bucs won the Super Bowl last year but the Cowboys have everyone on their feet right now being led by their very talented offense with guy like Ezekiel Elliot, Cee Dee Lame and more. With that being said, I think it’s going to be a very competetive football post season that I look forward to watching.

My prediction from the NFC. There are a few teams that can take it all this year. Some of the favorable teams to win it is probably the Cardinals. They have been showing all year that this season is no fluke. They have guys that fly around and makes plays on the ball. With them having one of the better offensive line in the NFL gives them even more power because they have the athletes and weapons, as well. Some of the guys that they have are DeAndre Hopkins, Christian Kirk and one of the best QB’s in the league in Kyler Murray. That’s just their offense. They have the defense to go with it. Some guys on their defense have pro bowl talent all over the field. With guys like Budda Bake and Isaiah Simmons, they bring that heat and makes it very difficult for opposing groups to score.

My prediction from the AFC is that the Chiefs are going to pull it off, even though they started off very slow at 2-4 people were counting them out. They said it was over and that there was no way the Chiefs are going to the playoffs this season. I had a feeling that they will come back and get back on track because right now the Cheifs are currently on a fove game winning streak and back in the conversation of best teams in the AFC. I personally think they can go back to the Super Bowl because they have an outstanding offense. Some think they have the best in the NFL. They have guys like Tyreak Hill, Clide Edwards-Elare, Mecole Hardman and of course Patrick Mahomes. These guys have the ability to score anywhere on the field.

Depending on how teams play in the playoffs, I think Green Bay has the best shot and that they’ll defeat the Chiefs in the Super Bowl, but that could change in an instant.