Students hit the books to prepare for Finals 2020. Online finals changed the traditional study methods for a number of students.
Finals: Perspectives on Start Times and Duration
Ava Bearskin, Editor-in-Chief ~ December 22, 2020

2020 has presented multiple challenges, and students still have to get through finals before 2020 can finally be over. Pattonville High is modifying...

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Seniors receive the t-shirt at the Senior Blast Event on December 14. The event was created to help seniors celebrate their accomplishments.
Fireworks and T-Shirts Mark First Senior Blast
Lillian Lofland, Contributing Writer and Photographer ~ December 18, 2020
As students return for phase 2 of learning, the environment looks different. Barriers in the lunchroom and limited crowds at events illustrated that a shift had taken place.
Prepared For What’s Next
Nolan Cobbs Jr, Staff Writer ~ November 24, 2020
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Jaxon Luraschi with Pattonville Firefighters. The Pattonville Community donated over 100 toys, filling the fire truck.
Pattonville Students Give Back to the Community
Rebecca Simpkins, Social Media Editor ~ January 4, 2021

Two students at Pattonville High School took the initiative to give back to the community this Christmas. Haley Edmonds and Jaxon Luraschi both...

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Senior Jamie Grant creates holiday cards that she sells. She has made cards since the beginning of the summer and has been able to turn a small profit.
Student Starts Small Businesses
Ian Bailey, Contributing Writer ~ December 20, 2020
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Music flows out of a trumpet with ornaments and hollies.
Christmas Lights Provide a Safe Activity for This Holiday Season
Matthew Jacobi, Editor-in-Chief ~ December 22, 2020

With social distancing protocols and COVID-19 restrictions, there is not much people can do this holiday season towards getting together with...

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During quarantine, students
Quarantine Music Tastes Change
Jamie Grant, Contributing Writer ~ December 20, 2020
Target is one of the many stores that is going to be closed on Thanksgiving Day for the safety of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Hold Your Punches This Black Friday
Bailey Shields, Multimedia Editor ~ November 18, 2020
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Charlie Heiligenstein throws a free throw in Pattonvilles home game against Parkway West on December 11, while Mattie Ohlsen gets ready to catch the rebound.
Actions Speak Louder than Coaches: Girls Basketball Makes Top Scoring Leaders List
Ava Bearskin, Editor-in-Chief ~ January 7, 2021

47-33, the score of Pattonville's girls basketball team's home game against Parkway West. So far, the team has a record of Team members, Cami...

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Varsity Drill Team continued to cheer along side Marching Band and Varsity Cheer at a soccer game.
Stepping Up the Fun Aspect
Rebecca Simpkins, Social Media Editor ~ January 6, 2021
Varsity players Levi Banks, Kellen Thames, Alijah Carter, Justin Coleman, and Jonathan Cosby having timeout with head Coach Kelly Thames and assistant Coach Travis Harris  to see what their next play of action is. Sophomore Tory Allen has a  conversation with a fellow teammate.
Dunk and Go Nuts
Elise Banks, Staff Writer ~ January 5, 2021
Pattonville High School
Staying Afloat Through Changing Times
Matthew Jacobi, Editor-in-Chief ~ January 4, 2021
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