Terry Raby

Terry Raby is a custodian at Pattonville High School. She has been working in the Pattonville School District for 26 years.

Have there been any events that you worked at such as Taste of Pattonville for example that you enjoyed being at?

  • “Musicals and Taste of Pattonville.”


What’s the biggest impact you feel you left on the school?

  • “Keeping the school safe and clean.”


 Do you have any plans for after you retire?

  • “Traveling and taking care of grandchildren and my parents.”


What advice would you give to students entering high school or finishing high school?

  • “Take all the classes you can that give you college credit. It will help you when you are an adult. Stop skipping class it only  hurts you in the long run. Listen to the adults you may not agree at the time But if you reflect you will understand what they meant. Stay safe and enjoy your High school years you will miss it when you graduate. Keep in touch with your classmates afterwards it is a valuable resource as you get older.”


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