Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is the Associate Principal at Pattonville High School. He has worked in Education Administration for 18 years, 8 of those being at Pattonville.

What is your favorite memory of working at Pattonville?

  • “As the principal for our senior class each year, it is always a special moment to watch our graduating class walk across the stage and accept their diplomas. Thinking about all the teachers, coaches, support staff and administrators that helped each student achieve this goal is a reminder of the importance of the impact our profession has on each generation. To be a part of that is very gratifying.”


What advice would you give to students entering high school, or finishing high school?

  • “Set challenging goals for yourself. Great opportunities will come to those who push themselves. Surround yourself with the right people. Find people with the same goals, they will help keep you on course. Show gratitude. Saying thanks to those who have helped you, it costs you nothing, but means everything to those that hear it. Enjoy Life. Time only flies by faster as you grow older — your memories should come with a smile.”


What’s the biggest impact you feel you left on the school?

  • My goal was to help each student with whatever problem they may have encountered and to help them strive to reach their full potential.


Do you have any plans for after you retire?

  • Spending more time with my family, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.


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