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Heidi Lanham

Heidi Lanham has been a registered nurse since 2000.  She has worked within Pattonville her whole career but has only been in the high school for 18 years.

What is your favorite memory at Pattonville?

  • “I don’t have one favorite memory, I do love working with Nurse Valerie Guetschow and have made some great lasting connections with staff and students.”

Do you have any plans for after you retire?

  • “I also work part-time as a cosmetologist and will continue to do so as well as a lot of catching up with my grandkids and friendships.”

What’s the biggest impact you feel you left on the school?

  • “I hope that I have left others feeling cared for.”

What will you miss the most?

  • “Working with Nurse Valerie.”


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