Abigail Evers

Caleb Stroop

Caleb Stroop is the new physical education teacher at the High School after teaching at Drummond Elementary for 4 years.

Why did you choose to teach the subject that you teach?

  • “I’ve always loved PE growing up and finding ways to motivate students through sports. Whenever I was in high school, my favorite teachers were my PE and sports coaches, so being able to have that same impact on students that I received in high school is really important to me.”


Why did you decide to teach at Pattonville?

  • “It’s a great school district. There’s nothing but support and I heard nothing but great things when applying here. It’s just a great place to grow your career and make an impact on students.”


If you could give any advice to your students, what would you give?

  • “Just knowing that being mindful of your efforts can go a long way. I feel that life is short and you never know going forward, so treat every day like your last and put your best effort into everything you do.”


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