Ashley Green is a new staff member at Pattonville this year teaching spanish one and two.

Ashley Green

Ashley Green is a new Spanish teacher at PHS. She is not married and does not have any kids or pets, but has been doing long-distance with her partner for four and a half years from here to Spain.

What made you want to teach?
“I wanted to teach because I wanted to make a difference in my student’s lives and help them discover new opportunities and perspectives for themselves through speaking another language. Being able to speak Spanish has created so many opportunities for me in my own life and has brought me so many wonderful things, and I wanted to help bring those things to others, too!”

What would students be surprised to find out about you?
“While I am not an athlete anymore and don’t really consider myself athletic, I used to play field hockey and soccer back in high school.”

How do you remember all of your students’ names?
“Seating charts help at the beginning of the year/semester because I can just look at the chart to know who is sitting where. But after about 1-2 weeks, I’ve got everybody’s face and name committed to memory!”


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