Andrew Wall

Andrew Wall is the current District Technology Specialist at Pattonville high school.

Have you worked at any schools before Pattonville? 

  • “I worked in the Orchard Farm district for 7 years, and worked in the Francis Howell district for 7 years before that”


Are you married, have kids or pets?

  • “I have two kids that are 7 and 9. Two cats that are both 14 years old”


What made you get into the technology field and what is your favorite type of technology?

  • “I truly enjoy technology. I like what it does with learning and how we can use it to engage experiences for learning. That’s what made me get into it. My favorite type of technology would have to be Augmented reality, it provide digital things to the real world with lots of opportunities.”


What would students be surprised to find out about you? 

  • “That I can play banjo!”


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