The Pirates have spirit throughout week

Barbara White

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Throughout this week Pattonville Pirates showed lots of school spirit. These past couples of days, the majority of the students have participated in the school spirit week theme days. People had lots of fun, and laughter during this week events.

Judge & Kennedi                                                  DSC01197-1

Two friends, Judge Williams and Kennedi Lee participated in pajama day.

These two juniors decided to participate in this day because they thought it would be fun to come to school with their PJs on.

The two friends just looked at the day as different but a simple theme. Both Williams and Lee thought the day was a complete success because everyone enjoyed themselves by being comfortable and walking around in their pajamas.

IMAG0418                                         DSC01302

Thomas O’Brien, a junior, participated in Disney Day.

He dressed up as Mickey Mouse.

O’Brien thought by dressing as this particular cartoon character it would be humorous to walk around with it on all day.

“I had a lot of fun taking pictures throughout the day,” O’Brien said. “I love being with my friends acting silly and enjoying the day.”

DSC01185           DSC01199-1

Charles Thompson, a junior, had a relaxing day on pajama day.

Thompson said, “It’s cool to switch things up, especially when you can wear your PJs. If I could wear pajamas every day I would, but I would still rather show off my daily swag.”

DSC01184-1                   DSC01266

Ms. Laura Kanney, an English teacher, decided to join the fun.

She decided to dress up as “Princess Tiana” from the Princess and the Frog on Disney Day. She wanted to enjoy the excitement with her students.

She said it reminded her of her younger days.

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The Pirates have spirit throughout week