ACT Test to be given at Pattonville on April 12

Ben Rutledge

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Students study and prepare for the ACT Test during the ACT Prep class offered at Pattonville High School. Students pictured are in the science prep class on April 10.

On April 12, the ACT will be given at Pattonville High School. This is not the first attempt for many students taking this weekend’s test.

Junior Danielle Hayes will be taking the ACT for the second time and has done a lot to prepare for Saturday’s test. She has gone to many of the free classes at PHS and has prepared well in advance.

“The ACT is very important to me because I want to get into a good college,” Hayes said.

For first-time test takers, experienced students offer advice which includes m

  • aking sure you get plenty of sleep the night before and to no

t waste time trying to cram studying the night before because you will not feel as motivated the next morning.

“And bring a jacket,” Junior Moheni Patel said. “It is so cold in the rooms. And bring a snack like a granola bar for the break. Don’t stress out; people freak themselves out and it affects their grade.”

This is Patel’s second time taking the ACT and recommends downloading an ACT app for the Android or iPhone as well.

Some students may say that the ACT is more about strategy and basic knowledge, rather a test of your intelligence.

This will be the first time taking the ACT for junior Sasha Shook and she admits being kind of nervous.

“I’m nervous-but-not at the same time considering I will be taking it in June, but I still want to do well on it so I can just improve my score from here on out,” Shook said.

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ACT Test to be given at Pattonville on April 12