Operation Prom Safe teaches students about drunken driving

Luke Cwiklowski

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promsafeA fatal car crash occurred in the Pattonville High School parking lot involving four students on Wednesday, April 23.

As students don’t always understand the consequences of their actions until it’s too late, consequences might not be understood. That is why Operation Prom Safe and this mock car crash was arranged.

No one was actually injured and it was done in order to help better describe to students what can happen if  poor decisions are made during and after prom on Friday, May 2.

In the crash, two cars had collided head-on injuring everyone and leaving them all unresponsive in the cars as students arrived to the scene of the accident from their 3rd hour classes.

When the police and fire department arrived, they quickly assessed the situation adding even more realism by pronouncing one student, Anna Pirrie, dead at the scene.

“I think Operation Prom Safe really put things into perspective for some of my friends seeing me in the crashed car like that made it more personal to them” said Jacob Painter, one of the students involved in the simulation.

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Operation Prom Safe teaches students about drunken driving