Meet “new” teacher: Mrs. Shelley Christian

Madison Duello

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Mrs. Christian teaches her third hour Spanish 2 students.

Although Spanish teacher Mrs. Shelley Christian is not new to Pattonville, her last name is.

Over the summer, Mrs. Christian (formerly Ms. Ewig), married history teacher Mr. Marcus Christian.

Mrs. Christian has taught at Pattonville High School for 7 years. Naturally, there is some difficulty for students to start calling her by her new name.

“Students in my Spanish 3 class and the girls on my field hockey team often still refer to me as Ms. Ewig.”

Christian is a fairly common name and she sometimes misses having such a unique name such as Ewig.

“It was very short, and it was easy to sign passes,” Mrs. Christian said. “Although Christian has more letters than Ewig, it is still pretty simple.”

However, being married doesn’t change her whole life. Mrs. Christian is still herself and still enjoys doing things such as running, boxing and reading. Only a couple things have actually changed.

“I have an extra ring on my finger, and I have his last name,” she said. “That’s pretty different.”

But a lot of things can change over 10 years.

“Gosh, probably a house and kids I guess,” Mrs. Christian said. “Logically that would make sense, but that’s in 10 years.”

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Meet “new” teacher: Mrs. Shelley Christian