A new age in technology is demonstrated at #METC18

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With technology on the rise and with teachers trying to find a new way to be interactive with their students, Pattonville journalism students were on the search for the next best piece of technology at the METC conference at the St. Charles Convention Center.

At the conference, we came across a Clear Touch Interactive Board that allows students to learn and participate in classrooms in a whole new way.

This type of technology would allow students at Pattonville to learn in a new way.

“I think it would provide a better chance to do more hands-on learning and it allows the students to be more in charge of their education,” Madi Pearia said. “The teachers are not just talking in front of the class all the time.”

This board is not just your typical projector or whiteboard. It is a touch screen computer that comes in multiple sizes.

Multiple people can touch the board at once and it handles up to 20 fingertips. It can display up to four screens at a time and the board is test accessible. It would also make relaying homework to the students who have missed a day here or there a lot easier.

The future is here and it’s time classrooms get the upgrades to provide students with a better learning opportunity.