Band students audition for their next semester class

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Band students audition for their next semester class

Joshua Engelhardt, Reporter

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The first group of students were given their audition music on Monday, Oct. 22, in order to practice for the performance test for their band placement of next semester.

There are three band levels of concert band which are concert, symphonic and wind band. From Monday to Wednesday, more groups were given their music. They had exactly one week to prepare.

Joel Banhom practiced hard to try to get good results.

“I was given my music on Wednesday,” he said. “I probably practiced about three days to prepare.”

Starting on Monday, Oct. 29, the auditions began.

From day-to-day, the musicians performed anonymously the notes they had worked on.

The same first group played their given music to their band directors on the same day of the week they were given their music. They would go in one-by-one to be listened to individually. The directors tried to avoid making any contact or seeing the individual in order to base their rankings on just the sound of the instrument instead of who was playing it.

“When I walked in, I felt uncertain about what would happen,” Bonham said. “I surveyed the area and felt somewhat confident afterward.”

The last auditions were completed on Wednesday, Oct. 31.

For now, the band students wait for the results of their auditions to find out what band they placed in for next semester.