Powder Puff comes back for the first time since 2005

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Powder Puff comes back for the first time since 2005

Jacob Whittinghill, Reporter

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For the first time since 2005, the Juniors and Seniors will be playing in a Powder Puff football game.

Well, as long as it’s not canceled again.

After the original date in November was postponed due to inclement weather, the game returns to Pattonville on Thursday, March 14. The game is scheduled to start at 2:30 p.m.

For the first time since 2005, the Pattonville Juniors and Seniors will play in a Powder Puff football game. This game features girls as the football players and boys being the cheerleaders.

Senior Powder Puff player Elmira Aladinova said that Powder Puff is extremely fun.

“I feel like it is a good opportunity for the girls to come together and bond.”

Junior Kathryn Wentz is a cheerleader who is now changing roles for the Powder Puff game.

“I think it’s amazing how we get to see how it feels to be one of the football players when they have people cheering them on and being part of a team trying to beat another,” she said.

They have plenty of male participants being cheerleaders for the game. Senior Aric Hamilton is one boy who decided to participate.

“I’m excited that a tradition from Pattonville is coming back and I’m excited to cheer on our girls and hopefully we can keep it around for as long as possible.”

With the game start time scheduled for 2:30 pm on March 14, the Juniors wearing black and the Seniors wearing pink will kickoff a game that has been in a 14 year timeout.

The entry fee for the game will be $2 or free if someone donates at least two food items at the entry gate.