Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?

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Are Hot Dogs Sandwiches?

Jacob Whittinghill, Reporter

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During halftime of the girls’ varsity basketball game on Jan. 9, some students will make their way over to the concession stand that will be open and selling all sorts of foods and drinks.

Some of these items are sandwiches, or are they?

Are hot dogs sandwiches?

What makes something a sandwich? What is mandatory? What is not?

When we call something a sandwich, what’s the specific idea we’re trying to convey?

If we order a hot dog, are we essentially being given a sandwich?

These are such simple questions but it makes so many people divided.

Student-athlete Isaiah Wilkes (12) said a hot dog is not a sandwich.

“No, because a sandwich is bread on the top and on the bottom when eaten, not on the sides.”

Some students would disagree saying that it is in fact a sandwich.

Cheerleader and marching band member Kesley Kobielusz (12) shared her her opinion on the topic.

“It’s a sub sandwich because at Subway, they don’t cut the bread all the way through and a hotdog bun isn’t cut all the way through so it’s a sandwich, like a Subway sandwich.”

What do you think: Are hot dog sandwiches? Comment below with your answer.