MULTIMEDIA Where teachers went to high school

Kelsey Hendricks, Reporter

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Do you ever wonder where your teachers went to high school? It’s a very common question to be asked in St. Louis and the answers might surprise you. Many Pattonville teachers have stayed close to home going to schools around the area themselves.

Ms. Hunter went to an all-girls high school called Nerinx Hall.

Mr. Heyman went to one of Pattonville’s rival schools, Parkway North.

Mr. Edler went to De Smet High School which is a Catholic and Jesuit school.

Mr. Klosterman went to Saint Louis University High School (SLUH) which is a Catholic all-boys school.

Ms. Patterson attended school in a neighboring school district, Parkway West.

Mrs. Johnson went to a school closer to downtown at a school named Normandy High School.

Mr. Adam went to Bloomington High School located in Illinois.

Mrs. Guilfoyle went to Lindbergh High School.

Mrs. Baucum went to one of the bigger school districts in St. Louis and attended Fort Zumwalt West High School.


Now check out a map from this story to see where all of these schools are located when compared to Pattonville High School which is where they all work at now.