At #METC19, Grade Camp makes scoring student work easy

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At #METC19, Grade Camp makes scoring student work easy

Aleigha Hornaday-Wells and Tori Zavala

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As a teacher, it may be difficult grading papers in a reasonable amount of time, but thanks to Grade Camp, grading is made a lot easier.

Grade Camp is presenting its product in the Exhibit Hall during METC Feb. 11-13.

Educational consultant Kate Piland markets the product as a helpful tool for teachers.

“It’s an assessment solution that allows you to create answer forms to go with any existing curriculum.”

The program is useful for both teachers and students because it allows the students to receive their grades right away,  and for teachers to correct what they need for the lessons afterward.

“The teachers get additional data so if they need to talk about particular standards or questions that seem to be questionable, they can do so.”

The METC Conference is being held in St. Charles, Missouri, from Feb. 11-13 and more than 1,400 teachers are gathered to get new ideas to make the classroom more fun and interactive for the learners. Teachers and educators from all around Missouri will be gathered at the convention as a collective group to hopefully obtain some new ideas.