ACTThere will be several ACT evening prep classes for students held from November through April. The classes will be held during from 6:30-8 p.m. at the high school.


The ACT prep classes are designed to improve and help students get high scores on the test.

“It’s best to attend all classes,” Ms. Jessica Wynn said. “If you want to receive the best score you can get, you need all the training you can get.”

The classes will be held in classrooms B107 for English/reading, H208 for math, and F116 for science.

The students even know and believe that ACT prep classes are worth attending.

“The ACT classes really helped me out when I took mine this year,” senior Chris Poindexter said. “There was a lot of stuff I learned in the class that was on the test.”

In the prep class, teachers instruct students on the best test taking skills for that portion of the test and talk about what might be on the test.

“A lot of the stuff we went over was the exact stuff on the test,” Poindexter said.

The English section is a very important part of the ACT with having a lot of grammar and vocabulary questions on it.

“Make sure you go to the prep classes for English so you can practice DOLs and Cold Reads,” senior Anthony Green said. “That’s what the English section is mostly made of.”

Students can find the exact dates for the ACT prep classes on the College Counseling website or can pick-up a schedule in the main office.

Wynn wants to see all students gain the skills that could provide them with a better score.

“Don’t miss out on this easy way to help improve your ACT.”

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