Keturah Gadson (President) speaks with students during Triple A's inaugural meeting on April 11, 2016.

Keturah Gadson (President) speaks with students during Triple A’s inaugural meeting on April 11, 2016.

Many times, junior Keturah Gadson sits in her honors and AP classes and sees that she is one of the few black students.

“I want to change the stereotype that smart black students are an exception for their race.”

To fix this problem, she worked hard to help in the creation of the African American Achievers Club, also known as Triple A.

The goal of Triple A is to expose Pattonville’s black students to new opportunities through speakers, field trips, and student interaction so that they might be more motivated toward high achievement and to increase black student’s representation in challenging classes, activities, and career fields.

“Even if it only ends up being a small gesture, I would like to do what I can while still in Pattonville my last two years to help inspire high achievement,” Gadson said.

Gadson had a number of other factors that led her to see a need for the club’s creation.

“My personal background as a black student, my tutoring of Normandy 7th graders for a week this past summer, and a research paper I wrote in Dr. Baldwin’s English class were all motivation for the club’s creation,” Gadson said.

The club holds meetings every other Monday, with the first being a success with around 35 to 40 students in attendance.

“Personally, it was the first time I’d ever been around so many African American students at this high school,” Gadson said. “It was great to see how they all had a desire to achieve and had concerns for our race that they want to work on.”

The club is sponsored by Ms. Kara White, and is led by a committee of five members:

President – Keturah Gadson

Vice President – Dominick Gillette

Secretary – Nitori Henderson

Treasurer – Aaron Clark

Historian – Kendra Clark

“My ultimate hope is that during my senior year, Triple A will help train new leaders to take over the club so it will be able to continually benefit the community even after our current officers graduate,” Gadson said.

The next meeting is Monday, April 25.

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