Science Help Center

The Science Help Center is located in F110. It is open every hour of the day. 

The Science Help Center has been making an impact on many PHS students’ grades for science. It has made a huge impact on sophomore Isaiah Davis and his grades for this school year.

“The Science Help Center has helped me out in so many ways because the teachers are very helpful and will break everything down to a science to help you understand everything,” Davis said. “The more I go, the more I learn and the better my understanding of science increases.”

So not only are students beginning to understand the material better, but grades are turning around for them too.

“My grade went from a low-D to a mid-B in one semester all from the Science Help Center.”

The Science Help Center has not only helped Davis, but it has also helped freshman Taitum Willis.

“I used to struggle heavily in science, but now with the help of the Science Help Center, I am beginning to get a better understanding of it,” Willis said. “The best part about the Science Help Center is that the teachers are patient with the students and make sure we understand it.”

Not everyone makes the decision on their own to visit the Science Help Center. Some are forced to go by their parents, but are slowly starting to like it.

“I used to hate going to the Science Help Center, but I’m beginning to like it because I see a change in my grades,” Jordan Vence said. “At first, I thought it was going to be pointless going, because the teachers don’t know what I need help in but all I had to do is show them my weaknesses and now they are my strengths for science.”

Vence said he will now be going back whenever he needs help this semester or if he’s behind.

The Science Help Center is located in Room F110 and is open every hour during the day.

Davis has become somewhat of a spokesperson for the Help Center.

“I will continue to go the Help Center when I need help,” Davis said. “And I recommend it for anyone who needs some help in science.”

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