Mr. Frazier helps student on an essay in room D101

Mr. Frazier helps student on an essay in room D101

English teachers are on deck to help run Pattonville’s English Writing Center which is located in D101.

They are there to help students with all of their English needs. English teachers are in the help center every hour of the day to help tutor students as well as provide a location for students to make up tests and write essays.

“The English Writing Center is known for always being wild and crazy,” Ms. Sarah Gulifoyle said.

However, realistically the environment for the students who work in the English Writing Center can best be described in two words: “Calm and academic.”

Writing tips and opportunities for learning can also be found inside the Writing Center.

Two teachers help run the Writing Center every hour and strive to have both a helpful and productive session for students.

Most English teachers, at some point during the day, run the center. The teacher on duty rotates responsibilities with another teacher at the end of each hour.

The only time the center is not open is during second lunch; however, there is a lot of availability and students are encouraged to take advantage of the time.



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