Forensic drug chemist Cassie Crabb goes over some of the interesting finds the police obtain from drug busts. Photo by: Megan Kendrick

Learning took place outside of the school when students in Ms. Pals’ Forensic Science class took a field trip to the St. Charles Police Department to take a tour of its forensics unit.

The group met with forensic drug chemist Cassie Crabb whose job is to analyze evidence for the presence of control substances such as marijuana, heroin, or cocaine. She analyzes both the actual drug and any other drug associated with the consumption and manufacturing of drugs.

“We give the information from our results to prosecutors as well as law enforcement officers so they can prosecute these cases in a court of law,” Crabb said.

Crabb said her favorite part of her job is feeling like she has made a difference in the community.

“I feel like I can make a difference by analyzing these drugs so they can go and get some sort of justice for the victims of some sort of crime caused by somebody else.”

Crabb recommends that anyone that is interested in forensic science as a career should get a science-based background degree.


Forensic student Zach Humphrey looks over a poster in the data lab. Photo by: Megan Kendrick

“It is key to get those science courses whether it be in chemistry or biology as well as getting the criminal justice,” Crabb said.

She also suggested to students to try and find internships.

“Getting into a laboratory with a law enforcement agency is important to see what these actual jobs are going to be like once you’re in them,” Crabb said. “It gives you a much more hands-on close personal approach as to what is going on.”

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