Krohn completing work at her desk.

Becky Krohn completes work at her desk in the community service office.

In order to graduate from Pattonville High School, students are required to have 50 hours of community service.

Students can find out how to get community service hours by visiting community service coordinator Ms. Becky Krohn’s office. Her office is located at the end of the E wing, right across from the SRO office.

“You can stop by any time we’re open from 7 ’til 3:30.”

There are multiple ways to go about gaining hours.

Community service opportunities are announced every day on the announcements and there is also a gigantic stand full of papers outside of Krohn’s office for students to just grab a paper and go.

“Community service is a good way to benefit yourself and the community,” Krohn said.

Students who have completed hours over the summer need to return those slips to Krohn’s office immediately. All summer hours are due by Sept. 5.

“All first semester hours are due before Winter Break,” Krohn said. “All second semester hours are due before summer break.”

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