Mrs. Laura Demien gives instructions to students in her English class.

To most people, “really, really, really intense crazy mosquitoes” would not be part of their dream wedding, but if you get married outside in a barn, what would you expect?

Ms. Laura Demien (Kanney) got married over the summer and chose the location of her wedding because it was special to her.

“Maybe it wasn’t the first place we looked, but once I saw it, I knew it was the place I wanted to get married,” she said. “It was near my parents where I grew up and at a place called Amish Acres which was one of grandma’s favorite places. It just reminds me of home.”

Demien’s favorite thing about her wedding was getting the first look at her husband.

“My favorite moment was seeing my husband for the first time dressed up and getting ready to get married.”

The two knew each other for a little bit over a year before getting married. He is a construction consultant and they both have a lot in common.

“We both like photography and we are both active,” Demien said. “We both like to walk and hike.”

In the end, marriage is just another stage of life.

“It’s like a birthday,” Demien said. “You should feel older, but you don’t feel like that. You just feel like it’s another day.”

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