Ms. Walker teaching her class about Science

Ms. Walker teaches her class about science in the Positive School.

Ms. Kimberly Walker didn’t always want to be a teacher, she originally wanted to be a physical therapist. She even got a sports science degree. But she joins Pattonville as a new science teacher in the Positive School.

“I didn’t originally want to be a teacher,” Walker said. “I wanted go to physical therapy school.”

She went to college at Texas Tech University, and has two different degrees. During her studies at Texas Tech University, she got a degree in exercise and sports science, and she got a minor in biology.

Walker got into teaching science though because she has a high interest in the subject and has always liked the field.

Though she she didn’t always want to be a teacher, she does enjoy helping the students and loves many things about teaching.

“I like getting to know the students, helping them figure out science and enjoy science.”




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