At the MVP Ceremony on April 28, Leeann Graff knew exactly what to expect because it wasn’t her first time being chosen by a teacher for this honor. It wasn’t even her second. Or her third. Graff was one of two students this year that had been selected all four years that she was a student at the high school as an MVP. Jasmine Webber was the other.

Graff believes that being an MVP doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with grades.

“I think it means you are a good person and sometimes grades aren’t the only thing that determines if a person is good,” Graff said. “It’s a great opportunity for teachers to pick students for a different reason.”

Every staff member at Pattonville got to choose one student for the April 28 event that they believe shows what it means to be a Pattonville Pirate on a daily basis. Students do not know who chose them until they meet the teacher on stage.

Over the past four years, Ms. Vicki Schaeffer, Ms. Jacqueline Gittemeier, Ms. Emily McDaniel, and Mr. Bob Hebrank have each chosen Graff.

“It’s really cool and I feel extremely honored to be chosen every time.”

First-time MVP recipient Natalie Siegel said she is thankful.

“I’m thankful that someone has noticed my efforts and has taken the time to recognize them.”


She also recognized that a student could be selected for more reasons than just their accomplishments in the classroom.

“An MVP is someone who goes above and beyond inside and outside the classroom to show a teacher in this building that you are willing to do whatever it takes to stay involved.”

The 138 students ranging from freshmen to seniors each received a medal that they can wear during their graduation ceremony. Graff and Webber also received a plaque for their honor.

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